Alta Vista Dental Nine Month Cosmetic Braces in Auburn, CA

Would you like straighter, more attractive teeth, but don't want to have braces for two years or more?  For more than fifteen years, many adult patients at Dr. Donovan's have decided to have Nine Month Cosmetic Braces to correct problems in their smiles.  In a shorter time and lower cost we can correct your smile  because there is no movement of back teeth to change your bite.  If you have bite problems it's important to see an orthodontist. 

Don't be misled by advertisements for "Six Month Braces".  The braces come off after six months, but then you must wear retainers 24 hours per day for several months.  It is difficult to talk while wearing retainers, so work or school can be difficult.  Most people prefer to leave the braces on a little longer so that retainers can be worn in your off hours.   Nine months is the average treatment time; some patients need less time, some need more time.

While your braces are on, we will need to see you every 3-4 weeks for adjustments.  These appointments are essential in achieving the result you desire.  Missed appointments slow your progress and extend your treatment time.

Are you interested in "Invisalign"? We use a different brand of clear tray positioner, called "Originator", that accomplishes the same result.  There  are limitations to what a tray positioner can do, so not every patient is a good candidate.

Call for a conference today to see if you are a candidate for these easier, less expensive options for straighter teeth. (530) 885-3368